Overview of MyPageKeeper

Do you spend a lot of time everyday exploring websites and using social networking services, such as Facebook and Twitter? According to the 2010 Threat Report from security vendor Websense, there has been a 111 percent increase in malicious websites from 2009 to 2010. Avoiding these malicious websites can not only protect your personal computer from being compromised and ensure your private information is not revealed, but also prevent the distribution of malicious content and protect other people on the Internet from attacks. MyPageKeeper is created for protecting you on the web by helping you identify malicious websites.

MyPageKeeper also scans your social networking pages periodically to make sure that there is no malicious content, e.g., malicious links or advertisements, on your Facebook walls and Twitter timelines. In addition to protecting you from visiting malicious websites accidentally, we also protect your friends who follow your updates.


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